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About Jessica


Jessica DiIenno

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jessica and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in South Eastern Pennsylvania. I received my Bachelor’s of Social Work at Eastern University and attended graduate school for my Master’s of Social Service at Bryn Mawr College. Over the past decade, I’ve been honored to work in home, school, and the local community as a licensed clinical therapist/social worker (LCSW).

My work with clients is trauma-informed and client-centered, which means we start wherever you currently are and tailor therapy to your needs! I am a Registered Play Therapist (TM) and also a trained EMDR clinician!

Maybe you need a listening ear, or a safe place to explore a stressor/trauma in your life. Or maybe you need help setting goals and next steps. Whatever the case may be, I tailor my approach to meet you where you are and what works best for you. Sometimes that means talking, sometimes it means exploring your inner world through art, music, or play, and sometimes it means having space to just feel your feelings.

I work primarily with children, adolescents and young adults to help them manage overwhelming feelings that come along with the changes and challenges of growing up. I can also provide support to parents who would like to better support their children/teen in their mental health journey or adults who are working through their own wounding.

It is always such an honor to work with clients who walk through my office doors, and it would be my pleasure to support you in any way that I can.


Rebecca Jones

My name is Rebecca and I am a licensed social worker with experience in working with teens and young adults on developing coping skills when feeling those big emotions, learning to process and understand the feelings while controlling our reactions. I received my Bachelor’s in Social Work from Eastern University I 2015 and Masters in Social Work from West Chester University in 2018.  I have found the first and most important step in providing therapy is creating a safe and supportive environment. It is important that you trust me, as your therapist, to help you on your journey of healing and growth. This is a judgment-free zone where you can be as open and vulnerable as you choose to be.

I look forward to beginning the journey together, supporting you as you heal, grow, and take control over your life!

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