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Designed for children under the age of 8. Child Centered Play Therapy helps children process through the most natural and developmentally appropriate way- through play! Play sessions can be between 30-45 minutes (depending on age and needs).
The teenage years is full of transitions and demands. Teens are faced with an incredible amount of stress, anxiety, and depression. Counseling can give them the support and tools they need to positively impact their mental health now throughout their lives!
Sometimes adults have wounds from childhood that need attention in order for that person to move forward in their current relationships and patterns. I am uniquely skilled to help people explore how those early child-hood experiences are affecting them now and how to heal from those experiences.

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My practice provides a unique, strength-based, safe therapeutic environment for children, adolescents, families & adults. Therapy isn’t only about toys, games, and art but rather approaching yourself gently (versus working really hard on yourself), utilizing the openness of play to build trust in one’s self, reduce stress, encourage communication, support learning, promote creative problem solving, and balance mood.